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Hi students, please read this explanation and the examples. They are about Question Words.   :)

WH questions ask for information. They are different than Yes/No questions.

Question                                 Answer                                           Example
What                                         Thing                                       What is that?
When                                        Time                                      When is the game?
Who                                          Person                                Who do you live with?
Where                                       Place                                     Where do you live?
Why                                          Reason                                  Why are you happy?
How                                 Directions/Feelings                             How are you? -

STRUCTURE  WH questions in simple present use “do” or “be”:

WH Questions with "do"WH + DO/DOES + SUBJECT + VERB
* Where do you work?
* When does she wake up?
* Who is your brother? 

WH Questions with "be"WH + BE + SUBJECT
* Where are you from?
* Who is that man?
* When is your class?

WH Questions are similar to YES/NO questions except they have WH words at the start.

Examples:Are you from Canada?
* Where are you from?

* Where are you from?
* I am from Japan.

* What is your name?
* My name is Jacob.

* When do you wake up?
* I wake up at 7:30 am.

* Why are you angry?
* I am angry because I did not pass my exam.

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