Hi Students: This is a nice song. Enjoy it and practice these exercises.

Listening Practice: Listen to this audio twice, choose the correct answer:

How does Joshua go to school in Japan?

A. He takes a school bus every morning
B. He rides the subway at 8:00 AM.
C. He walks with a group of students.

2. Which item did Joshua NOT mention when talking about the things he takes to school?
A. backpack
B. gym clothes
C. school hat

3. What is one of the first things Joshua does when he arrives at school?
A. He practices his reading and writing.
B. He stands and bows to the teacher.
C. He puts on his gym clothes for class.

4. Where does Joshua eat lunch at school?
A. in his classroom
B. in the lunchroom
C. in the gymnasium

5. What time does Joshua probably get home from school most days?
A. between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM
B. between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM
C. between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Listen to this audio twice, choose the correct answer

1. What does the man want to do after he graduates?
A. He wants to become a teacher.
B. He hopes to go on to graduate school.
C. He'd like to work at a hotel.

2. What is the woman majoring in?
A. history
B. French
C. computer science

3. How does the woman pay for college?
A. She has a part-time job.
B. She received a scholarship.
C. Her parents are paying for it.

4. Where does the man work part-time?
A. at a bakery
B. in a library
C. at a restaurant

5. What thing did the man NOT say about his job?
A. His co-workers are friendly.
B. He works long hours.
C. The pay is okay.

Hello students:  You can listen to this practice again.  Listen to, twice, then answer the questions.

1. She ________ __________ ___________ there for two years.
2. How _________ you _________ __________?
3. It ________ _________ ___________ all day.
4. They __________ __________ ___________ attention. (negative)
5. What ________ he __________ ___________?
6. We ________ _________ ___________ a lot of healthy food lately.
7. What kind of music __________ you _________ ___________ to lately?
8. This car __________ ___________ ___________ properly. (negative)
9. _________ you __________ ___________?
10. Flights __________ __________ __________ late all day.

SONG, PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE.  Sing and practice this song in home :)

Present Perfect Simple Listening Practice.

Hi Guys: Practice this conversation in home. It will help you to improve your pronunciation skill.


Diane and Brian have just met in the street. Listen carefully to their conversation. Then, try to do the assignment below ...

Choose the correct answer (X)

1.Why is Brian so surprised?
Because Diane is really different. ( )
Because he meets Diane in the street. ( )

2.What are Diane's changes all about?
She has lost weight and has dyed her hair. ( )
Her hair is longer and has lost some weight. ( )

3.What happened to Diane?
She has a husband and two kids. ( )
She got married about two years ago. ( )

4.How does Brian feel?
Really surprised. ( )
Really annoyed. ( )

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